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Men Are Trash

I went to Bristol a couple of weeks ago and whilst having a cute girly night in the topic of the tag line Men Are Trash

me and ya mcm

came up. Now the question was something along the lines of 'if you have a boyfriend how can you say men are trash?' (obviously not directed at me). This question comes up a lot, especially around Valentine's Day when jokes were made about fewer girls tweeting men are trash. Now this question really really really reeaaallllyy grates because it just belittles the whole 'idea' (for lack of a better word). So I thought I'd finally address it.

For me, when I say men are trash, I don't just think about their cheating, lying, scamming, emotionally blackmailing, abandoning, using asses in relationships/shituationships (this hit a little too close to home). Girls do that too... As I was writing this post I heard what's probably the deepest thing a person has done in a relationship and a girl did dat (shouts to a sister for redefining standards.. men ain't shit).

*Back to serious blogging*

When I say men are trash, I mainly think about the marginalisation of women throughout history; I think of the oppression we face, have faced, will face if things don't change DRASTICALLY; I think of the misogynistic idea that women are weaker, thus enabling men to take advantage of them physically (Rape and domestic abuse), mentally, domestically (demanding that the women is the one to cook and clean and do all the domestic chores) and more; Man, I think of the fact that we still have to protest this fucking shit, and consequently i think "Ya, men are indeed truly fucking trash!

This blog and its predominantly female readership (I'm using the instagram and twitter followers/likers as a proxy for the readership, seeing as I can't actually see who visits the site) are another example of why men.are.trash!



So I have recently been enlightened and I am so grateful for the feedback that showed me perhaps I have come at this unfairly. Honestly, maybe guys don't engage with feminism with as much fervour as women because they haven't been exposed to it as much as we have. A lot of girls I know went to single-sex schools and obviously Feminism is a big part of their education there, however guys might not be exposed to feminism in that school setting. Young girls get so much encouragement, which exposes us to feminism in a way that other demographics don't get. So yeah, the following paragraph might just have been an abuse of my 'power' to educate all demographics on feminism. I am extremely sorry about that, but I hope you still learned a little something from this post. I definitely did!

(blue is for problematic lol)


We should all be feminists yet men don't engage in the topic as passionately as women do. Sure, it's women's rights but human to human, gentile to gentile, mortal to fucking mortal, doesn't it fire up something within you?? I'm not a part of the LGBT community but catch me making some noise about trans oppression! I know a few men who say they are feminists but I don't see many that are. It makes me sad and y'all truly trash because it's like you did all this wrong and you can't even be vocally apologetic?! UGH

Now, this isn't me shamelessly plugging the blog or the IG, although you should definitely come back to learn more, this is me yelling that FEMINISM IS FOR EVERYONE, not just us fiery young ladies. And the same goes for the gay rights and minority rights etc. We really should all support each other and amplify our voices, because certain humans have made this world extremely unjust! Only a prick would form Ray Charles to the injustice, don't let that be you. No matter your demographic or the cause, fight the hate!

(to the man people that got this far: you get a sincere no offence... but men are still trash xxxx)

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