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It About Brag

Brag About It started as a blog centred around feminist ethics and ideals. Inviting contributors and exploring feminist stories myself, Brag was not only intended to inform people about feminism – thus encouraging every reader to leave our pages as a feminist – more importantly, Brag was a tool to empower women by documenting, celebrating and relentlessly sharing our stories. To put it simply, women came here to Brag About It.

Over the years – as free time dwindled – Brag About It has become a much more personal project. As its author grew from aspiring journalist to renowned cultural editor, Brag's ethos has lived in The NATIVE's newsroom, Femme Africa's mission, and several other projects that have boldly platformed women. The pages here might be bare, but the work is thriving elsewhere...

So what becomes of Brag About It now? I wish I could write a flowery testament to my vision going forward, but for now all I can tell you is, it remains to be seen. That being said, one thing I know for sure, I will Brag About It


Adewojumi Aderemi

This blog was the beginning of my journey as a media professional. Recognising my interest in cultural analysis, information dissemination and my knack for compelling storytelling, I pursued a career in journalism in my home country, Nigeria – using my skills to ensure the unprecedented global interest in Africa was being documented appropriately. From countless bylines to forthcoming movie credits, so far my dreams have been fulfilled with success that exceeds expectations. 

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