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Women’s March on Washington

The day of the March I went out and heard people debating whether or not the March had anything to do with the US inauguration. Well, according to the Women’s March website, it most certainly was. President (cringe) Trump’s Super Callous Fragile Racist Sexist Nazi Potus-ship has shaken people all over the world and called like, open and sane minded people to protest. The Trump Administration have pledged to cut funding for planned parenthood and undo Obamacare which “will most likely mean no more free access to birth control for women” (Al Jazeera), raising concern about women’s reproductive rights. This inspired worldwide protests, including in my favourite cities: London and San Francisco! There were over 3 million people involved worldwide in an attempt to create so much noise that The White House couldn’t ignore.

Intersectionality is a concept I learned about at univ, so seeing it at play the normal world makes me feel all fuzzy. Promoting intersectional identities and “recognising that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country” was the core of this particular women's rights movement. Recognising that women’s rights are human rights, gay liberation rights are human rights, minority rights are human rights and BLACK LIVES MATTER, is all part of the cause for protest. In today’s world, where we are constantly bombarded with difference, it is very easy to ignore or even discriminate against other minority voices in order to get yours heard. But this movement recognises the importance of coming together to amplify our voices so that the straight white male, for example… the new US president… LOL, can get it into their heads that WE ARE ALL EQUAL!

Given my 'fashion line' ambitions for BRAg, I decided to look at an article regarding what protestors wore. I really enjoyed this (although I ALMOST didn’t finish it) because there was so much meaning behind the outfits/items of clothing.

The pink ‘pussyhats’ were the iconic accessory. On any other day it would have been a total NO from me, but for the message I am soooo here for that abomination. This designer

Katy Bird, a designer, (left) with her mum (right)

bought her outfit from a vintage store then replicated it for her mum. Not only is the outfit super dope, her mum is even doper; Katy (the designer) intended on going to the march in Kansas but her mum demanded that they go to Washington and paid for their tickets!!!

Intersectionality was apparent in the outfits as well, one man wore an Assata Shakur t-shirt

and another woman wore a rainbow scarf to advertise her bisexuality. It's a really cool article and you guys should really check it out, as you should with the two other sources I used.

Joanna Nikas for The New York Times

Kristen Saloomey for Al Jazeera

Women’s March Website

Also, google more about it and share your thoughts!!

Thank you for reading this far! Hopefully other contributions will be a little shorter LOL!

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