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22:29 12/01/2017 - The Beginning

I am meant to be writing an essay and my laptop is on 12% with no charger in sight. Given my circumstances some would say this is a poor use of time and power but to me talking about FEMINISM is never not worth it. So hey, I am Woju (Princess Adewojumi Oluwasemilore Adetansimi Oluwasoromidayo Ajiun etc. Aderemi), I am a feminist and as such I bring you BRAg.

After I posted the following on instagram

I decided that I wanted to host a bra bonfire to raise awareness about feminism in Nigeria. Buuuut the geographer in me (I study geography) quickly canned that idea and went straight to the cliche environmentalist solution for everything- recycling! So that’s where I conceived BRAg and I invite you to please donate your bras and I will use them to make clothes and accessories for the BRAnd. However, the idea didn’t stop there! My vision for BRAg evolved past making and selling clothes, into a platform for educating people about feminism and the importance of equality in our world. I don’t claim to know everything so I also invite you to share your stories, your thoughts and opinions, your questions and your concerns by commenting and also getting in touch! I hope to create an environment of shared knowledge and progressive understanding to help myself, other feminists, those who are feminists but choose not to identify as such due to the perceived negative connotations associated with feminism, those who just don’t know, and last but definitely not least ANTI-FEMINISTS!

This is still a work in progress to me and I have a lot of big ambitions so stay tuned and enjoy BRAg!

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