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A Few Words on Rap

I love rap music but as we all know most rap lyrics are extremely questionable! My favourite song at the moment is by a young man who was recently charged for sexual assault, and my favourite male artist has been accused of being a misogynist (in my head when we get married I will change him and his childish ways). So as you can tell I usually do a pretty good job of ignoring sexist content in music.

But for some reason, this lyric "I heard you got a man // but who in their right mind is letting you out alone?" in J. Cole's TRASH (btw) song Deja Vu (the one over Tiller's 'exchange' beat)

really bugged me and inspired me to write the following drunk rant:

To answer the question: me. I am letting myself out the house looking piff, ready to have some fun, with no boyfriend of mine playing parent to me.

If I suggested that guys shouldn't leave their houses because they look too good y'all would call me a crazy girl friend, say I don't trust my man or I'm too protective and controlling and y'all would probably mention something about me being so radical w my feminism.

Lol ok. Have at it with your double standards. (Please actually don't, change society, CHANGE!)

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