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If You Don't Like It, Change Your Subscription!

My mum literally thinks I am soooo radical because I cut and dyed my hair and I wear revealing/slutty clothes (if you know my London wardrobe, lets share a LOL) and OMG I HAVE A FEMINIST BLOG!!! Bless her, cos I know these things worry her, but in my mind I'm some sort of celebrity, which makes me feel like I can do whatever I want, because I'm famous.

Lol, well that was how I forced myself to rationalise my radical behaviour - chalk it down to the fact that you're delusional.

But I've now realised that the reason I do whatever I want, having weighed the consequences and implications (most times anyways), is because I don't see why I should complain about something I dislike, then continue to conform, thereby perpetuating a societal standard that I find detrimental to my existence and the existence of others. That, to me, makes very little sense.

(Yes, I still know I'm famous x)

Fans occasionally compliment my non-conformist nature, or my fearlessness, idolising the fact that I choose to be unapologetically myself. Whilst haters find those qualities annoying, labelling me defiant, stubborn and inappropriate; and I don't disagree. If you tell me not to complain about cramps because talking about periods is crude, i will defy you. If you tell me not to study something because there is no clear career path and it will be a waste of my time and money, I will stubbornly (and successfully, by God's grace) study Geography! If you tell me that your society thinks a beautiful golden dress with a SLITHER of side boob at a white wedding (which I thought was a synonym for western wedding, hence my western garment) is inappropriate, then I will continue to be that inappropriately dressed family member you wish you could just cancel (they will soon start uninviting me).

Why? Some of you ask. Why go through all the trouble of having adults shout at you? Why risk being called names? Why put yourself in danger? Why, Wojumi, Why?

The answer is simple - change!

I have legitimately changed my subscription. I am aware of the risks and all that but I have chosen to ignore most of them, because, to me, it is a fucking shame that those risks even exist!! I do all these non-conformist things, not to be defiant and stubborn or fearless and inspirational. Nope! I do these things because that's who I am and these are the things that make me happy!

So yeah, I am writing this cos recently I've been asked 'why?' or 'is it worth the stress?' one too many times and I want to make it clear that being oneself is never stress and is never not worth it. It is such a wonderful life when you live according to the ideals you hold. I am not always the happiest of people but I'd probably be a lot less proud of myself if I did things the way society instructed me.

And ps, all this sensitivity toward men and their sexual desires (which has resulted in the policing of women's dressing, going out habits, relationship habits etc), is enabling and tiring and boring, if you ask me. I have had enough of it so I have opted out. Let dressing come and kill me!

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