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Girl's Pity Party

The other day (back in January), I was telling someone about my blog and all that I wish for it to be. They asked why I named it BRAg and I didn't want to reveal the BRA aspect of it, so I stuck to the second 'meaning' and said "I just think that we should brag about it". By "it" I meant feminism, but for some reason they thought I meant brag about being a woman and launched into a discussion on how women have an inferiority complex.

The discussion made it seem like feminism is just a girl's pity party and we are just gathered here today to whine about being treated unfairly. SO FALSE!

From my understanding of feminism (please leave your own perspectives in the comment box) women and men are simply trying to get other-minded men and women to understand that women are equal to men. To me it is very simple and has no connotations of a pity party of women with an inferiority complex (thoughts?).

I'm not mad at the person because it was a misunderstanding, however I think it's funny that a guy should say bragging about one's gender shows signs of an inferiority complex when men do that like all the time... it's so tiring and boring and actually he might be right about the inferiority complex thing; men feel they have to boast cos they know women rock. Maybe that's the root of this whole gender inequality problem - men not being able to handle women.

LOL! Ok, but more seriously, "it" is not a girl's pity party. Feminism is a serious and sensible political movement that we should all be part of and PROUD to be part of. So proud, in fact, that we BRAg about it!

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