One Year Later...

It has been a year since I first created BRAg, and what a year it has been for this blog, myself and our incredibly misogynistic world! My first post (excluding the introductory post) detailed the Women's March on Washington and a year since that event women STILL have countless reasons to protest with the same vigour we did last year. I guess this ever relevant image should have clued me in on that lol. I did not expect my blog to change the world but I did expect it to be a medium by which I may share my ideas and what I learn with others, enlightening them on the pervasiveness of sexism in our society. And, to the glory of God, I can say I have been successful. Thank you to everyone who h

More Words on Cooking

A while back, I saw this tweet questioning why professional cooking is a male dominated field when cooking is considered to be women's work in the private sphere of life. At this I went back to read Yimika's feature and found that she agreed, likening being a female chef to "finding a unicorn". For some reason this really surprised me so I decided to dig a little deeper. Most of us are aware of the pressures put on women to be able to cook and the expectation that we cook for our husbands and families, so why is it that this unpaid responsibility for women gets to be a money-making 'passion' for men? In culinary school there are no shortages of female chefs, with the ratio of girls to boys b