'Gendered Hazardscapes'

So, I have been extremely absent :(( due to a lot that I won't go into, but not a day goes by without me feeling extremely guilty. I am super busy with uni so I don't have time to research/write for my precious baby :( (wow, I'm awful). Buuuuut I just submitted a poster in which I discussed 'gendered hazardscapes', so I decided I would plan an post for here alongside my poster. I read 6 journal articles for this POSTERRRRRRRRRR (I am SOO extra with my reading) and OBVIOUSLY didn't show off up to half of my new found knowledge but I regret nothing because 1) I am now a little smarter 2) I get to share it with all of you, my lovely feminists/feminists-to-be (only downside is that there are lik