A super-mini Period Q&A

So I'm on my period and I don't know why but this particular period has filled me with so much irritation. Fortunately, as I complained to my fellow ladies I found comfort in remembering that this is something cis women and trans men all over go through. This made me feel so much better, so instead of getting pissed about the fact my insides gush out every time i sneeze, cough or laugh, or about the fact that my stomach is twisting in ways I cannot even articulate; instead of getting mad about my emotional stress and the fact that no one will take my emotions seriously when they find out I'm on my period, I'm gonna get happy and celebrate the fact that I'm experiencing this aspect of womanho

On Intersectionality, Desirability and Beauty Ideals

Intersectionality is a pretty important concept that I think isn’t discussed nearly enough outside of academia. Coined by American civil rights activist Kimberle Crenshaw, it essentially refers to the idea that multiple axes of oppression may interact to create a certain experience, that your identity is multifaceted and so because of these interacting identities, it’s difficult to be allegiant to one separately. These identities include gender, race, class, sexuality, disability, etc. For example, I’m black woman and thus my identity as black, and my identity as a woman operate simultaneously to create a unique experience that means that my life is different from, let’s say, that of a middl