on the constraints of gender constructions

First of all, I'd like to apologise profusely for being so absent! I could list a million and one excuses, from 'heartbreak' to school work, but none of those make up for the fact that I have left my dear blog to grow cobwebs. The only thing that can make up for it is some good content, which I really hope this post will be. *** Some of you reading will be very familiar with the face of this post: Bobrisky. I don't even know how to begin describing him, the guy is just such a character; but, as I see it, Bobrsiky is a Nigerian snapchat celebrity, famous for being an open 'cross-dresser' who loves to brag about his infamous 'bae', his hair, his nails and of course his bleach(ed) bod! You real

'A Thread'

Ok so I am currently reading a rather hilarious thread on twitter. It's some man complaining about the "men are trash" tag once again. I try not to use it anymore (try being the operative word) because apparently it is problematic but I also really hate seeing people drag the phrase. Here is the link to the first tweet in the thread. Laugh then come back xx So, the first tweet that stuck out to me was when he asked how we expect to go to the club and find a decent man................ I can't find a decent man in the club because men are trash. The indecent man I meet in the club is the same indecent man I will see at church. I am more likely to find a man who is into partying and maybe not i