Challenge Accepted

So the other day, someone commented on a picture on the Instagram page saying that we don't need feminism anymore, challenging me to "name one right that first world country women don't have". I ignored it at the time because it was clear that (s)he doesn't understand the depth of the feminist movement (equal rights doesn't seem to equate to actual equality), plus it's rather selfish to condemn feminist action because your little part of the world is "unaffected" by inequality. For those two reasons I rolled my eyes and moved on, until I discovered a right that women don't have in a first world country. 'Ha!' I thought, more proof of his/her ignorance, YAY! So what's this right, you ask? Wo

Feminism and Religion (Part 2.)

I am so thankful to those that contributed in to the last post and I hope you guys enjoyed hearing from them also, it really helped make what I researched more personal. This post #Part2 is gonna share more of what I read and also some more of my thoughts. I hope that the two articles help those that are struggling with either feminism because of religion or religion because of feminism understand the ‘dichotomy’ from different perspectives, and I hope it gives them more knowledge to work with as they find their ground. More generally, I hope everyone enjoys the read, and if you have more to add, drop something somewhere (comments or email or dm or anything!) xxx In the first article I read,