"No, I'm not a feminist"

Introduction (By Woju) So I am always going on about my mum and her anti-feminist views, so whilst she was in Nippon I decided to get her to write about it. So yeah, here is my mama telling us why she isn't a feminist. "I don’t identify as a feminist because as far as I am concerned, it is a tag. I do not have to identify as a feminist to support women empowerment. As a woman, I believe that women should be respected and treated properly. I also believe that women already hold in their hands great, God-given power. In the hands of every woman is the power to shape/change her nation. The saying goes that children are the future. So it can be said that women raise and build their nations’ futu

Feminism - The Stigma

Some time ago I was told to write about the stigmatisation of feminism. It has taken me a while because I'm lazy, but also because I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to spend ages writing about how feminism is stigmatised because that's exactly what they want. It's a ploy to distract us from our movement. It works as discrediting us and also adds more to our workload, as we have to fight the stigma as well as for equality. Anyway, I solved this internal conflict by writing about feminism, which I hope inspires people to identify with the cause, before giving everyday examples of my encounters with the stigmatisation of feminism. FEMINISM In my humble opinion, feminism is a fight for eq

The Origins of Misogyny

I really hope that you guys read that in a dramatic way.. If not please go back and do that because this article is about to be DRAMATIC!! (not really) Let us begin with etymology. Like many big words, misogyny came from the Ancient Greek language - two words: miso, meaning hate, and gyne, meaning woman. The word came into use in the English language at the start of the 1600s, predating sexism which was coined in about 1965. waayyy Back when I wrote my Men Are Trash post, a dear friend of mine asked me where the whole 'women are weaker than men' idea stems from. I really enjoyed that question because it is literally exactly why I am such a fervent feminist. In my course I learned that "the

"I am a Feminist please unfollow me"

So today, I (Fike) am talking about Feminism. Firstly, I am a Feminist. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie said it first, but I’ll say it again louder this time, for the people in the back! We should all be! My Aunt agrees with me on this, one day I went to visit and she said: "I have something for you, I might not be as radical as the book but women are not just here to please men in the bedroom and the kitchen." Buhari should have been listening in on this conversation right... She went on to place the essay and acclaimed Ted Talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie ' We should all be Feminists' in my hand. I was so touched because this is a Nigerian woman into her 50's and although she has always been the

If You Don't Like It, Change Your Subscription!

My mum literally thinks I am soooo radical because I cut and dyed my hair and I wear revealing/slutty clothes (if you know my London wardrobe, lets share a LOL) and OMG I HAVE A FEMINIST BLOG!!! Bless her, cos I know these things worry her, but in my mind I'm some sort of celebrity, which makes me feel like I can do whatever I want, because I'm famous. Lol, well that was how I forced myself to rationalise my radical behaviour - chalk it down to the fact that you're delusional. But I've now realised that the reason I do whatever I want, having weighed the consequences and implications (most times anyways), is because I don't see why I should complain about something I dislike, then continue t