5 Questions to 5 Cool Girls: Feature 1.

Our very first feature is from Omoehi Ighodalo, telling us about her passion for hair. She's like a chameleon with the wigs, it's great! Omoehi has been a massive help in the making of this blog, so it's only right that she takes the lead as the no.1 cool girl! Let's gooo! 1.Who are you and what makes you cool? My name is Omoehi Ighodalo, I'm 20 years old and I'm a 2nd year student studying sociology at the university of manchester. When I'm not in school I'm most likely making wigs or doing hair, or watching hair tutorials to see how I can get better or to see what I can do next. 2. Where/why/how/when did Mohini start? I'm very restless when it comes to my hair, and i always want to try new

Ke$ha vs. Dr Luke

Recently, when I read the news that Ke$ha leaked some abusive emails Dr Luke had sent her, I remembered the whole #FreeKesha movement, and my confusion/intrigue was re-aroused. Yesterday my cousin, Feyisola sent me some pictures regarding an anti-rape protest in Manchester so I decided to finally write up what I found out about Ke$ha's case. At the grand age of 18 Ke$ha was encouraged by a man called Lukasz Gottwald (more commonly known as Dr Luke) to drop out of school and pursue a life in the fast lane (hmm). Having received production and writing credits for hits such as "Since You've Been Gone", it's safe to say that this seemed like a super big deal to young Ke$ha at the time, and to be

Women’s March on Washington

The day of the March I went out and heard people debating whether or not the March had anything to do with the US inauguration. Well, according to the Women’s March website, it most certainly was. President (cringe) Trump’s Super Callous Fragile Racist Sexist Nazi Potus-ship has shaken people all over the world and called like, open and sane minded people to protest. The Trump Administration have pledged to cut funding for planned parenthood and undo Obamacare which “will most likely mean no more free access to birth control for women” (Al Jazeera), raising concern about women’s reproductive rights. This inspired worldwide protests, including in my favourite cities: London and San Francisco!